Oklahoma City police said on Tuesday a request found no proof proposing oilman Aubrey McClendon conferred suicide when he kicked the bucket in a searing accident in March, however recognized his perspective at the season of the mischance was mysterious.

McClendon’s Chevy Tahoe pummeled into a solid extension projection on March 2, one day after government prosecutors arraigned him for disregarding hostile to trust laws by apparatus offers for oil lands. He had denied the charges.

Subtle elements of the accident, in which his vehicle was driving great over as far as possible at 88 miles (142 km) every hour, paralyzed the U.S. vitality industry. Numerous administrators stressed he had conferred suicide.

“Our specialists found no data that would urge us to trust this was something besides an auto crash,” police Captain Paco Balderrama said.

“With 100 percent assurance we will never recognize what his perspective was” at the season of the accident, he said.

The discoveries of the request were initially reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Agents have beforehand said McClendon kicked the bucket of various gruff power injury, however a last report from the medicinal analyst’s office is as yet pending.