ISIS is focusing on regular citizens endeavoring to leave the aggressor held city of Falluja, as Iraqi powers and volunteer army endeavor to wrest back control of the city, an European non-benefit working in Iraq says.

Upwards of 50,000 occupants stay caught in the focal point of Falluja as Iraqi security compels close in, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) told on Monday. A large portion of the individuals who attempt to get away from the grasp of ISIS are being focused on and shot by aggressors, it said.

“Our greatest fears are presently appallingly affirmed with regular folks being straightforwardly focused on while attempting to escape to security,” NRC Country Director in Iraq Nasr Muflahi said.

“This is the most exceedingly awful that we dreaded would happen to pure men, ladies and youngsters who have needed to abandon everything with a specific end goal to spare their lives.”

Falluja, which lies 65 km (40 miles) from the capital Baghdad, has been held by the activist gathering subsequent to 2014, and is the subject of a deliberate push to retake ISIS-controlled domain crosswise over Iraq and Syria.

Right around 3,000 families have securely gotten away from the city since late May, the NRC said. Most are being housed in dislodging camps, and the NRC has cautioned of water deficiencies ought to the many thousands staying in Falluja figure out how to get away.