Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) board has proposed expelling Mark Zuckerberg’s lion’s share voting control in case of the online networking monster’s CEO and originator choosing to leave administration sooner or later in future.

In an intermediary documenting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook’s board said it would request that shareholders vote on a recommendation that would change over Zuckerberg’s Class B offers into Class A shares in the event that he is no more in an initiative position. The move was initially proposed in late April in an administrative recording.

As of June 2, Zuckerberg usefully possessed around 4 million Class A shares and around 419 million Class B offers, on the whole speaking to around 53.8 percent of aggregate exceptional voting power and 14.8 percent of aggregate extraordinary monetary interests.

The proposed move, to be voted on at Facebook’s yearly broad meeting on June 20, is intended to ensure a future Facebook boss’ administration forces aren’t restricted, the board said.

“These new terms in this manner guarantee that we won’t remain an organizer controlled organization after we stop to be an originator drove organization,” the board said in the documenting on Thursday.

Under current procurements, Zuckerberg is permitted to hold Class B shares and practice greater part voting control regardless of the fact that he leaves the organization. Zuckerberg would likewise be permitted to pass his Class B offers, and conceivably his greater part voting control, to relatives after his demise.