A cockerel named Balthazar, the informal French football mascot for about 20 years, has been banned from matches at the approaching Euro-16 titles in France.

cockThe flying creature’s proprietor has been sent a letter from UEFA cautioning him not to bring the flying creature for security reasons.

Diehard football fan Clement Tomaszewski has been to more than 220 internationals since 1982.

Balthazar the cockerel came to acclaim in 1998, when France won the World Cup.

Following the time when then, Mr Tomaszewski, otherwise called Clement d’Antibes, has been went with to football installations and different matches by the winged animal.

Despite the fact that dependably called Balthazar, the real cockerel has changed ordinarily.

Mr Tomaszewski was unmoved by the UEFA administering.

“My rooster’s a piece of the French football legend but then I can’t convey him to a diversion,” he said.


The Gallic chicken is one of the national images of France and a rendition of it can be seen on the shirts of the French football group.

In the letter, UEFA says security authorities will be under strict guidelines not to let in live creatures to the Euro-16 titles.

“As pleasant as it seems to be, the nearness of your cockerel would place you in an unbalanced position versus the security groups,” clarifies the letter.

In any case, Mr Tomaszewski demands he won’t go to a match without his chicken, beginning with the competition’s opening amusement, France v Romania, on 10 June in Paris.

He has tickets for all the matches France may play straight up to the last.

“Balthazar will be there amid all the Euro matches,” he said. “In the event that he isn’t permitted in then I won’t go in either.”